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Graffiti 2008

December 29, 2008 5 comments

Now it is the end of year 2008. 2008 is a tough year. I would like to conclude my 2008 by summarizing what I’d encountered in the entire of 2008. A lot of ups and down in my career, job, things around and trivia.

I would like to share with everyone about the things I felt unhappy about 2008.

  1. Recession brings great pain to many people. Although I don’t own a lot of properties and the recession doesn’t affect me much. But it brings an indication to many that our coming 2009 and so on will be a tough one! It won’t be easy for everyone. Including me.
  2. Ridiculous fuel price bring great economic effect on all the things around.
  3. My Job is terrible. The project I involve in my company is put on hold due to financing difficulties. I did nothing significant for more than half a year!
  4. Finding Job: I’d tried to look for other opportunities outside my current company. It is really hard for a baby engineer like me to  look for a competitive position in a Mega-large company.

Well, I am trying to put all that in my grafitti and express my feelings towards them. 2009 will be a challenging year for everyone. I sincerely wish everyone a Merry X’mas and a happy new year. be happy =)


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Solar Fashions

December 5, 2008 4 comments

It is time for me to write MORE about my work. I have a lot of bad times in my job. But sometime I get to attach myself to some interesting substance. This time, I would like to combine my work researches with some FASHION material. How to combine? This is all Application science.

Diagram below details about how different varieties of renewable sources can be integrated  together to become an independent power system.


I’m still a baby renewable engineer, I’d just completed some researches on several types of Solar Panels. Namely Thin-film silicon solar, Amorphous Thin-film silicon solar, Mono-Crystalline solar and Poly-Crystalline. ArgggHH ! sounds boring.. let’s get into the fun part! SOLAR FASHION!

Now let’s start with the Solar Fashion Parade!

288319326_ff99fe53c5I would like to start something mild. Well, these 2 ladies don’t really look fashionable. I doubt that those are solar also. But I would like to publish it to bring credit out from their commitment. Yeh Baby!Behave~~

solar-dressNow this one look relevant, glamorous and sexy. Note the black spots are the solar cells. It is quite small. solar cells are made from Crystalized Silicon. It look nice in fashion because it looks like crystal.

huchaThis one look fashionable. Got Style. Solar Crystals can be found everywhere.

zegna_07_solarkragen-smallNow it is men fashion. Picture above shows a simple solar patch found in the collar.

indarra-dtx-solar-jacket1This look simple. You won’t go out with this. It makes you look like a robot and you got powered by that solar panel.

solar_vestThis one look cool. It looks like the terminator robot from the future. This picture shows the solar vest can power the phone, camera and etc…

bogner_2sqBogner Winterspiele

This one look funky. You will look like aliens.


other than clothings, Solar do come in the form of other miscenalleous.


Yes! Power Purse! hahaha



Imagine you can charge your accessories while you travel.


You can charge you phone everywhere under the sun.

Solar also bring Excitement in Fashion industry. It make ladies to take off their clothes to get powered also.. Technology is so interesting.. let’s go green girls!!





YES YES!! it is solar BRAs, Solar Bikini, Solar Swimsuits… wooHoo! I wonder when will my boss allow me to execute this projects.

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