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FireMice vs PrinCess Pipi

January 18, 2009 8 comments

Today is a very important day for me to post this article FireMice vs PrinCess Pipi.

princess-pipi2 PrinCess Pipi

Why FireMice vs PrinCess Pipi? PrinCess Pipi is number 1 rival in FireMice’s world. She challenges me in the things I like most, the food I like most, sports, thinking, and more and more….

Before this, FireMice lived quietly and peacefully. Not until one day both of us meet each other.


We have total opposite characteristics:

  1. PrinCess Pipi involves heavily in Sports and extremely dynamic, wherelse I involve in Musical thingy which is mild and require not much of physical action.
  2. PrinCess Pipi meets alot of people, but FireMice tends to be quiet and passive.
  3. PrinCess Pipi studied Power Engineering but FireMice did Electronic Engineerings.
  4. PrinCess Pipi speak Hokkien fluently, FireMice merely understand any Hokkien but he knows Cantonese.
  5. PrinCess Pipi does thing swiftly and able to make quick decission, FireMice intends to be slow and always get alot of trouble in making decissions.

FireMice and PrinCess Pipi met in UTM at 2002. At that time, FireMice was shorter than PrinCess Pipi. Now, I’m proud to say that I’m taller than PrinCess Pipi.

PrinCess Pipi’s real names is Pearl.

PrinCess Pipi’s favrite color is Pearl-Pearl (Purple)

PrinCess Pipi’s favorite number is…


5 !!!

and Pipi loves Basketball basketball… so she always pick number 5 for her Jersey

5Nice Number 5 purple Jersey

FireMice and PrinCess Pipi used to participate in some of the events in UTM. We used to work together and had uncomfortable working experiences. But both of us manage to turn bad things to good ones =)

Working together back to Uni…

firemice-vs-princess-pipiChina meets India

Today is the 3rd Anniversary for me and Pearl being together. Although we seldom meet each other. I would like to thank you for all the supports, hearing and sharing from you. Love ya!

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