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Touch phone one-hand tips

February 1, 2009 7 comments

About 4 months ago. I needed to change a phone when Iphone 2.0 was just about to be released. I did a survey over a few types of phones. Before I made my mind, I classified all the phones into 2 different categories. Which is… Button phone and Touch phone (without buttons)

button-phone VS iphone2

Buttons Phone                Touch phone

In the End I choose Button phone over touch phone. The reason was…..

  1. Touch phone portrays everything virtually. For me it is abit complicated. You have to see the figures correctly before you dial it. hence you cannot press the key without seeing it. virtual-iphone-button
  2. Most of the time, Stylus imatejamstylusis required to navigate the phone. and you must use both hands to use the phone. hence, One-hand navigation becomes a problem for touch phone users.2-hands-dial

Unlike Buttons phones…..

  1. You can feel the buttons without seeing it. buttons-phone thereto, You can dial, type messages or play around your phone without looking into it. You can even dial your phone in your pockets dial-in-pocket cool~
  2. Since buttons phone allow users to operate their phone by using one hand only, this enables phone users to perform multitasking. Such as drive-and-dial drive-and-dial, Pee-and-dial pee-and-dial, perform ritual+smoking-and-dial busy-using-phone.
  3. Now er…. I can’t think of something else more important. you see.. Buttons phone has a very rough surface. rough-phone-buttonsYou can utilizing its roughness to scratch! because handphone is so portable. you can use it everywhere!! scratch

Recently my friend ( e-quan )  owns a touch phone. I can’t wait to teach him how to perform one-hand operating in touch phone.

The secret of using one-hand-touch-phone tips is to MASTER your………


I think it is a good idea to hold your phone with one hand, but at the same time navigate your touch phone by using your Tongue. By doing this, you can apply all button phone’s advantages into your touch phones (except the scratchy thingy)

just like this……. you can enven scroll your phone programs by licking your phone..

lick iphone

so, let me end this post by introducing to the world.. the new way of dialing handphone. lick lick guys !!!


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