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International Man of Mystery

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What is  “International Man of Mystery“? Can this title weight on par together with “The Sexiest Man Alive”, “The Most seducing Woman alive”,  “The Richest Man in the world”, “The Most Influential Person of the Century” and etc..

I’m 25 years old and I was half educated from various movies. Where did the title “International Man of Mystery” come from? It is from..

Austin Powers, a fictional character which is a parody of the famous James BondJames Bond 007, but in a more flamboyant style.

How Austin Powers was dubbed “International Man of Mystery” by the people  ?

It was during 1958, in British Intelligence Academy. Austin Power was 19 years old at that time

that morning he was “shagging” with a beautiful girl.

Only the most famous person in the academy can be the International Man of Mystery. Initially, the young Dr.Evil was nominated..

The young Dr. Evil was so evil, he was arrogant, people couldn’t  stand his laughter hahaha most of the time. People threw cake to him during that day ,  renominated Austin Powers as International Man of Mystery!

After since, he became magnificent!

cut the crap!

That ceremony taught me a very important lesson. Austin Power doesn’t need to be extremely intelligent (Dr. Evil was the #1 academy achiever),  He doesn’t need the smashing handsome look to become the sexiest man alive..

James Bond used his well proportionate body to seduce ladies to bed .


But Austin used his WILDiness +  seductive body and charm enemy in a more effective way. Sometimes he manage to convince me that he is sexier than 007.  His jokes are lame but it makes people LoL.  He taught all the little boys out there (including me) to become the MAN they want to be and most importantly be PROUD of oneself.

IMPORTANT dogma by people who knows Austin power —>”  Girls want to be with Him and Man want to be Him !


Austin inspired me to look for more “Man of Mystery” out there. I decided to open a new category in FireMice, for me to write and story telling the crazy + influence people out there.

Remember! You can be one of the INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY!


Personal collections (trash) in my room

August 10, 2009 2 comments



Pics up there is my current staying place in Belfort (France). It is called Thomas Edison Apartment. This is my 4th month now. Why do they named it Thomas Edison? Maybe because the apartment is next to GE factory, apparently Thomas Edison is the founder of GE empire.



Ladies and Gentleman, this post is about to detail another piece of FireMice’s living experience. You are about to witness FireMice’s personal belongings or should I say Properties.

As I was living here alone all the while, I’d invested thoroughly to kill my time and also satisfy the “sins of Gluttony” of mine.  In conjunction to that, I’d owned a series of private collections indirectly and I am about to share everything out.

#1 bottles

I have plenty of beers bottles, red wine, rums…

that’s not all, I have another series at the other table

it came together with these

and of course, plenty of these…

not only alcohol bottles, I have plenty of other bottles… which makes spaghetti, sandwiches, junk, that makes your dung / shit smelly

#2 Magnum

Magnum ice cream is relative cheap if compared to Magnum back  home…

Hence, I have many boxes in my room

Now when I look it back at my collection, It is so sexy… Magum Golden Hazernut, Magnum classic, Magnum Honey Nougat, Magnum Ecuador Dark, Magnum Coconut, Magnum Columbia coffee (my personal favorite), Magnum Pistachio, Magnum Almond…

and of course, Magnums will end up with..

This is what I call 1Malaysia. What PM Najib used to remind our Malaysians. We are one, see different type ice cream actually will become the same after I ate them. All the sticks look the same…. me, you, us, no different

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Power Girls!

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UTM 2007 graduates had reached the 2 years working milestone.  It is time for us to stop awhile, have a rest, take a deep breath and observe our old buddies.

Are they ok? are they still wearing the engineer cap? Do they think like an engineer? Do they engineer their life? Continue studies? hmmm…




This post is specially dedicated to Princess Pipi and also to Zeapleonia aka Michelle. While most of our UTM engineers spending time working in comfortable office, overseas traveling, working in Oil sucking company earning tons of $$$$, doing engineering sales. These 2 ladies spend their career time in Jungle.

About 2 months ago, their life in Jungle was featured in Magazine Cover. They were dubbed by the magazine ‘POWER PLANT’S POWER GIRL

This story was blogged by Michelle, and thanks to her, I was granted the permission to publish this story by taking her High quality scanned photos from her blog.


Now the sad sad poor poor side of their working life is this

Imagine no phone, no internet, no Starbucks…..

this is follow by..

They have to provide their more than ordinary hands on skill… which is relatively more hands on than guys

Both of them were separated and assigned to different sides of the jungle..

I got the exact location map from Pipi’s Facebook.

Layun and Tebanyi

Layun and Tebanyi

Again guys, please look at this photo again as I am going to imply something.

You can see Pipi is still sweating and wearing her working uniform. On the other hand, Michelle is wearing some scholar baju hantu Melayu ( a bit irrelevant right?), it is obvious that Michelle is spinning off the engineering orbit, and pursue her additional educational degree like a Meteor flying randomly. Well enough said!

Well done Power Girls!

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