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I found it amazing when a friend of mine (Qiqi, the one desperate to get married) commented on  a few books and her comments were published in some officials papers. please check this out .

I’m not a big fan of books. If I really read, that pile of papers really mean something.

Many people like to comment about the book they read. My favorite  example for these people are Daniel & Clarence. These are the samples of civilized and intellectual beings, which attracted me to stumble upon whenever I feel like I need some certain degree of inspiration and energy.

People say, what you read in the past made your mind today…

What had I been reading?

I remembered when I was 4 years old, my mum bought a series of sesame street books.

I still remember how Sesame Street conveys their teaching of the day.

Today’s letter A, B, C…. 1 , 2, 3 brought to you by Sesame Street…

Easy and fun, the subjects was instilled into my brain since then.

What else other than Sesame Street?



The long hours of  lecturing during my University days had changed My reading habits dramatically.

I guess it was too much of pretending in front of lecturers that resulted my bad reading habits.



During my younger days, I did give extra-curriculums to my mind. To explore, to be inspired, to be educated..

(I always prevent myself from bad reading habits when the reading material is inspiring)

Clarence Chua has always been helpful in providing insteresting subjects to me.

FHM magazine guru



Above all,

Books strengthen the bond among friends. We used to share books before sleep. So that the information will cheerish our dreams and bring new hope to the next day.

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  1. bigeyebags
    October 27, 2009 at 1:29 am

    Ajaran sesat ni. The lonely planet pirated one ka?

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