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Belfort snow

December 21, 2009 1 comment

2 days ago, when I woke up and saw this outside my window.

It is actually scary as I don’t know how to go out.

-11C was the temperature.

It was like somebody painted the entire town into white during the night. Everywhere is.. white

My office is just opposite of my room.

I decided to go out for fresh air..

go through the park..



I decided to go on-top-of-Belfort… to have a great view…

So i decided to climb the castle

I managed to make a tough climb… it was too windy and dangerous… I’m the only person there

but it was worth to see all the tiny things around Belfort

Poor lion of Belfort, your sculptor didn’t sculpt you winter clothings

went to the river after that

the bush…

FireMice made a dangerous attempt

I decided to go to the lake near my apartment. This lake is very beautiful during the summer.

I took this previous summer

look how big was the moon during that time.

and now,

I noticed some dog’s foot prints on top of the lake..

and I have a crazy idea.

I decided to



walk across the lake… dangerous attempt indeed, no one was there… i think it was worth to give myself a try… and stand in the middle of the lake.

after that, I noticed something..

some ducks were playing around the lake… I just realized, the lake was not frozen entirely, lucky me ūüėČ

Everything ends well with a nice sun set view..

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Richard Branson: Losing His Virginity

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Richard Branson is  Man of Mystery #1,  He is one crazy, stupid and one influential bastard.

I decided to write about him because I think he is my #1 role model and I was surprised to find out that people around me actually don’t know anything about this weirdo.


Many $$$ minded thinkers always look for Billionaires as their model. They would like to know their successful strategy, mind sets, what they eat, who do they sleep with, who do they worships and etc…¬† when come to this, the iconic billionaires figures will be¬† , or … (personally I think these are old-school people)

Very seldom people will pick Richard Branson as the subject to be reckoned as Billionaire model..

few months ago, I read his autobiography Richard Branson: Losing His Virginity

I’m not a big fan of books. But this 600 pages of autobiography was like sucking my brain. Reading his life experiences, business and ventures¬† is like riding a rollercoaster.. crazy and fun!

Based on countless resources, Most of the billionaires and successful entrepreneurs didn’t finish their schools or complete their university achievements. But for Richard, He had extremely poor academic results. His Maths were poor and he had reading problems during his childhood.

The biography described him as naughty, playboy, sporty, crazy and above all, ADVENTUROUS and OUTSTANDING.   Personally, I think he developed his ventures boldly and 100% using his own style.. In fact, all his crazy methodologies and stupidity resulted smashing breakthroughs.




So, when people see … , ¬†they will remember this ¬†Crazy-white-beard. In fact, literary he is everywhere.. from coke, to plane , listen radio, condom , virgin train¬† (my current working company is providing Virgin train) to Virgin Vodka¬†.. to bride¬†

Why I say he has all the commodities to become a king? basically he controls the way how most of us listen, see, feels, travel, use, dream and most importantly… to think

He is the modern Alexandra the Great and Genghis Khan.




His entrepreneurship is definitely one of the most interested kind to be modeled. Back to my home, the great Tony Fernandes is Richard’s best friend and mentor. It is obviously clear that both of them are

Nuts… they have the same sickness and style… they like to make people High by flying… (FYI, Branson owns 20% of Air Asia X)

In the book ” Richard Branson: Losing His Virginity“, Branson storied about his experience in aviation business. particularly the history regarding [ British Airways dirty tricks ] <— please click and read , how he battled the state airlines, I think (without proven facts) Branson set a strong example to all armature aviation entrepreneurs to battle with the gigantic airlines.

Everyone should know the way how Tony Fernandes ¬†always chew MAS’s asses¬†.

The way Branson battled BA is like how the flamboyant Howard Hughes battled Pan America Airways. and how Howard Hughes created the “H-4 Hercules”… you can watch the movie .




Branson has the reputation of participating his own advertisement and media… in a more colorful way

Such as ¬†my favorite, Virgin Atlantic, he and Pamela Anderson¬†err… his clothing¬†, How he symbolically enter American market¬† (tank) and his recent participating in Brawn F1¬†.

He risked his life via life threatening adventure , traveled around the world few times+ promote his company  .




now, the so-called flamboyant entrepreneur / billionaire…

the guys want to be HIM

and the girls

want to be with HIM…