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Belfort snow

2 days ago, when I woke up and saw this outside my window.

It is actually scary as I don’t know how to go out.

-11C was the temperature.

It was like somebody painted the entire town into white during the night. Everywhere is.. white

My office is just opposite of my room.

I decided to go out for fresh air..

go through the park..



I decided to go on-top-of-Belfort… to have a great view…

So i decided to climb the castle

I managed to make a tough climb… it was too windy and dangerous… I’m the only person there

but it was worth to see all the tiny things around Belfort

Poor lion of Belfort, your sculptor didn’t sculpt you winter clothings

went to the river after that

the bush…

FireMice made a dangerous attempt

I decided to go to the lake near my apartment. This lake is very beautiful during the summer.

I took this previous summer

look how big was the moon during that time.

and now,

I noticed some dog’s foot prints on top of the lake..

and I have a crazy idea.

I decided to



walk across the lake… dangerous attempt indeed, no one was there… i think it was worth to give myself a try… and stand in the middle of the lake.

after that, I noticed something..

some ducks were playing around the lake… I just realized, the lake was not frozen entirely, lucky me 😉

Everything ends well with a nice sun set view..

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  1. tawny
    January 13, 2010 at 4:50 am

    hello! i am planning on relocating to belfort in march for rotation and found your blog while searching for belfort apartments. if you could send me any advice based on your experience working and living out of the GE location there, i’d greatly appreciate it!

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