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FireMice – Your Thought Portals is moving..

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Howdy guys, –>this was officially the very very first sentenced greeted by FireMice to the Gigantic Internet.

As I stated vividly since beginning (about a year ago),  the purpose for me to pen down my thoughts into blog was to know the Gigantic Internet. I was really an internet rookie back then, had been treating me well to support my writings and help me understand how every soul on earth can construct their Ideas virtually.

I have decided to embark on another level of fun + excitement to post. I will have to separate myself from

I would really appreciate if you can proceed to





I will be there always..

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Pac-Man in ROME with Smart Car

January 11, 2010 4 comments

Happy New Year to all readers! I first played Pac-Man when I was still in Kinder Garden. I remember I used to play it in a Floppy Disc and the computer which supported the game was the predecessor even before 386, first Intel Pentium 1. Anyway, It was my 1st experience that allowed me to explore my gaming leisure in digital computer.  I experienced Pac-Man in another level of fun during my New Year Holidays.

What was it?


2 nights before the end of 2009, me and Princess Pipi were traveling in one of the most celebrated street in Rome called Spagna.

The city was decorated with Christmas stuffs and people were preparing to welcome 2010.

We bumped into a Mercedesshow room and saw this sparkling smart car

As we were going to take the picture together with the smart car, a sales guy came to us and say

Do you want to play Pac Man and win a SMART CAR?

Winning a SMART CAR is really tempting!

But I am not a go-go guy,  and initiative enough in participate in all these competition. although I used to participate in some stupid game with Yee Chong before:

But Pipi was so excited.

Pac Man in SMART CAR? Strange….

Generally, this game has to be played by 2 people as a team to compete with other teams from Rome.

One participant has to drive a smart car in Rome street to get 20,000 points at least to get a smart car

while the other participants need to direct the driver in the Mercedes show room by contacting the driver via handphone and a GPS screen to search for the smart car location

Our team was named… FIREMICE ,

the Italian pronounced it as  “FI-RAI-MICE”

GPS screen that locates FireMice in the screen

Pipi was the navigator, she played an important role to direct the smart car, to get as much point as possible, most important of all she had to talk to me in the phone (very very difficult)..

FireMice was the retarded-SMART car driver..


So we started! Pipi was shouting non stop

Go GO go! why you not moving yet!!!!

I was like… ok ok ok

It is not easy to drive in Rome since I am a Malaysian (the other participants from Rome), and I have no-sense-of-direction… the driver seat was located at the left side of the car… all the direction was against what I used to drive with… and I AM  RACING IN A COMPETITION!


WOI!!!! Turn right ok!! TURN– TURN !



Drove to a few interesting place that promoted Smart Car to get extra points =)


Drive Faster!


Faster…. We are near to 20,000 points already

FireMice Pac man

At last, we got back more than 30,000 points



our rank was 2nd among 8 people….

We are proud because we beat most of the others Romans!

but we were disappointed to find out we can only get a mini Smart car



Little did we find out… Smart car actually was promoting their electric car… a Energy Friendly car



We got a mini smart CAR!

Belfort snow

December 21, 2009 1 comment

2 days ago, when I woke up and saw this outside my window.

It is actually scary as I don’t know how to go out.

-11C was the temperature.

It was like somebody painted the entire town into white during the night. Everywhere is.. white

My office is just opposite of my room.

I decided to go out for fresh air..

go through the park..



I decided to go on-top-of-Belfort… to have a great view…

So i decided to climb the castle

I managed to make a tough climb… it was too windy and dangerous… I’m the only person there

but it was worth to see all the tiny things around Belfort

Poor lion of Belfort, your sculptor didn’t sculpt you winter clothings

went to the river after that

the bush…

FireMice made a dangerous attempt

I decided to go to the lake near my apartment. This lake is very beautiful during the summer.

I took this previous summer

look how big was the moon during that time.

and now,

I noticed some dog’s foot prints on top of the lake..

and I have a crazy idea.

I decided to



walk across the lake… dangerous attempt indeed, no one was there… i think it was worth to give myself a try… and stand in the middle of the lake.

after that, I noticed something..

some ducks were playing around the lake… I just realized, the lake was not frozen entirely, lucky me 😉

Everything ends well with a nice sun set view..

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Richard Branson: Losing His Virginity

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Richard Branson is  Man of Mystery #1,  He is one crazy, stupid and one influential bastard.

I decided to write about him because I think he is my #1 role model and I was surprised to find out that people around me actually don’t know anything about this weirdo.


Many $$$ minded thinkers always look for Billionaires as their model. They would like to know their successful strategy, mind sets, what they eat, who do they sleep with, who do they worships and etc…  when come to this, the iconic billionaires figures will be  , or … (personally I think these are old-school people)

Very seldom people will pick Richard Branson as the subject to be reckoned as Billionaire model..

few months ago, I read his autobiography Richard Branson: Losing His Virginity

I’m not a big fan of books. But this 600 pages of autobiography was like sucking my brain. Reading his life experiences, business and ventures  is like riding a rollercoaster.. crazy and fun!

Based on countless resources, Most of the billionaires and successful entrepreneurs didn’t finish their schools or complete their university achievements. But for Richard, He had extremely poor academic results. His Maths were poor and he had reading problems during his childhood.

The biography described him as naughty, playboy, sporty, crazy and above all, ADVENTUROUS and OUTSTANDING.   Personally, I think he developed his ventures boldly and 100% using his own style.. In fact, all his crazy methodologies and stupidity resulted smashing breakthroughs.




So, when people see … ,  they will remember this  Crazy-white-beard. In fact, literary he is everywhere.. from coke, to plane , listen radio, condom , virgin train  (my current working company is providing Virgin train) to Virgin Vodka .. to bride 

Why I say he has all the commodities to become a king? basically he controls the way how most of us listen, see, feels, travel, use, dream and most importantly… to think

He is the modern Alexandra the Great and Genghis Khan.




His entrepreneurship is definitely one of the most interested kind to be modeled. Back to my home, the great Tony Fernandes is Richard’s best friend and mentor. It is obviously clear that both of them are

Nuts… they have the same sickness and style… they like to make people High by flying… (FYI, Branson owns 20% of Air Asia X)

In the book ” Richard Branson: Losing His Virginity“, Branson storied about his experience in aviation business. particularly the history regarding [ British Airways dirty tricks ] <— please click and read , how he battled the state airlines, I think (without proven facts) Branson set a strong example to all armature aviation entrepreneurs to battle with the gigantic airlines.

Everyone should know the way how Tony Fernandes  always chew MAS’s asses .

The way Branson battled BA is like how the flamboyant Howard Hughes battled Pan America Airways. and how Howard Hughes created the “H-4 Hercules”… you can watch the movie .




Branson has the reputation of participating his own advertisement and media… in a more colorful way

Such as  my favorite, Virgin Atlantic, he and Pamela Anderson err… his clothing , How he symbolically enter American market  (tank) and his recent participating in Brawn F1 .

He risked his life via life threatening adventure , traveled around the world few times+ promote his company  .




now, the so-called flamboyant entrepreneur / billionaire…

the guys want to be HIM

and the girls

want to be with HIM…


October 4, 2009 1 comment

I found it amazing when a friend of mine (Qiqi, the one desperate to get married) commented on  a few books and her comments were published in some officials papers. please check this out .

I’m not a big fan of books. If I really read, that pile of papers really mean something.

Many people like to comment about the book they read. My favorite  example for these people are Daniel & Clarence. These are the samples of civilized and intellectual beings, which attracted me to stumble upon whenever I feel like I need some certain degree of inspiration and energy.

People say, what you read in the past made your mind today…

What had I been reading?

I remembered when I was 4 years old, my mum bought a series of sesame street books.

I still remember how Sesame Street conveys their teaching of the day.

Today’s letter A, B, C…. 1 , 2, 3 brought to you by Sesame Street…

Easy and fun, the subjects was instilled into my brain since then.

What else other than Sesame Street?



The long hours of  lecturing during my University days had changed My reading habits dramatically.

I guess it was too much of pretending in front of lecturers that resulted my bad reading habits.



During my younger days, I did give extra-curriculums to my mind. To explore, to be inspired, to be educated..

(I always prevent myself from bad reading habits when the reading material is inspiring)

Clarence Chua has always been helpful in providing insteresting subjects to me.

FHM magazine guru



Above all,

Books strengthen the bond among friends. We used to share books before sleep. So that the information will cheerish our dreams and bring new hope to the next day.

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Journey to the West 西遊記

September 15, 2009 2 comments

Sometime I think my mind doesn’t belong to me at all. I just came back from Paris after meeting a good friend Jackson from UTM. My mind was wandering during the daytime in the office. Yes! It is another unproductive day for me in the office and I don’t know why I keep thinking about Journey to the West 西遊記, one of the greatest Chinese Classical Novels  I read during my childhood.

For some reasons this story reminds me about my presence in The West and my own Journey to the West. Why am I here?

Journey to the West story is about a Chinese Buddhist Monk who set out India to retrieve the Buddhist scripture for China in the 1590s. He was aided and protected by his royal and faithful disciples on his Journey. At the end, they all attained enlightenment.

Am I doing that?

Well, I was told by my boss or maybe it is a little mission from my boss to send me to the West to attain some experience that might help our company new direction. Get pieces of details, trivia about their work in the West.. so that at the end of the day I can crap things to them..

Gosh! Journey to the West is a Big wake-up call for me to be serious and pay more attention to work… so I have to gear myself up and be more competent now.

The mood of drawing suddenly hit me at the end of the day.. I guess I can use some Graffiti again to express myself like what I always like to do..

I decided to draw one of the interesting story in Journey to the West. It is about the punishment given by the great Buddha to Monkey King when he tried to escape from Buddha’s palm . The Buddha trapped the Monkey King under the Wu-Zhi Five Finger mountain for 500 years until someone come and save him!


FireMice under the Five-Finger Mountain:







one finger is hidden.

I felt the pressure all the time…. OUCH!

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International Man of Mystery

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

What is  “International Man of Mystery“? Can this title weight on par together with “The Sexiest Man Alive”, “The Most seducing Woman alive”,  “The Richest Man in the world”, “The Most Influential Person of the Century” and etc..

I’m 25 years old and I was half educated from various movies. Where did the title “International Man of Mystery” come from? It is from..

Austin Powers, a fictional character which is a parody of the famous James BondJames Bond 007, but in a more flamboyant style.

How Austin Powers was dubbed “International Man of Mystery” by the people  ?

It was during 1958, in British Intelligence Academy. Austin Power was 19 years old at that time

that morning he was “shagging” with a beautiful girl.

Only the most famous person in the academy can be the International Man of Mystery. Initially, the young Dr.Evil was nominated..

The young Dr. Evil was so evil, he was arrogant, people couldn’t  stand his laughter hahaha most of the time. People threw cake to him during that day ,  renominated Austin Powers as International Man of Mystery!

After since, he became magnificent!

cut the crap!

That ceremony taught me a very important lesson. Austin Power doesn’t need to be extremely intelligent (Dr. Evil was the #1 academy achiever),  He doesn’t need the smashing handsome look to become the sexiest man alive..

James Bond used his well proportionate body to seduce ladies to bed .


But Austin used his WILDiness +  seductive body and charm enemy in a more effective way. Sometimes he manage to convince me that he is sexier than 007.  His jokes are lame but it makes people LoL.  He taught all the little boys out there (including me) to become the MAN they want to be and most importantly be PROUD of oneself.

IMPORTANT dogma by people who knows Austin power —>”  Girls want to be with Him and Man want to be Him !


Austin inspired me to look for more “Man of Mystery” out there. I decided to open a new category in FireMice, for me to write and story telling the crazy + influence people out there.

Remember! You can be one of the INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY!