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FireMice’s secret Pasta Recipe

June 22, 2009 4 comments

For some reasons, I just love noodles and pasta. This is due to my family background and I know alot about the origin of noodles.

My family

My Grandfather is the God father for one ton mee / Wan Tan Mee . He was the master / sifu for wan tan mee. About 50 years ago, He brought my grandma from China Guangzhou to Vietnam, then Singapore and finally decided to stay in a new vellage in Petaling Jaya called Sungai Way.

They opened a famous wan tan mee noodle shop in the wet market called Chooi Kei ( 记 ). Business was so good back then and it managed to finance the entire family well. Not only my grandparents sold wan tan mee, They manufactured all the ingredient themselves like the wan tan skin (雲吞皮), wan tan pasture, noodle and the BBQ pork (叉烧).
My dad even lost 2 fingers when he was 9 years ago while making the noodles. His fingers were accidently destroyed by the machine. So now he has 8 fingers. 2 contributed to the Wan tan noodles ingredient (joking).

We often have alot of wan tan mee and others noodle as well.

My little sister (Meng Xi) used to say this when she had too much wan tan mee:

I Know Wan Tan Mee is in my BLOOD! But i just want to eat something else!

History of Pasta and Noodle

Chinese people should be pround of their food. Noodle was invented by Chinese. We Chinese started eating noodles since 4000 years ago.

It was Marco Porlo went to China and imported Chinese noodles before they turned them into pasta and make it into Italian delicacies. Also it was because Noodles was introduced to Europe via Silk Road.

My secret’s Secret Pasta

Having been so far away from home makes me crazy about getting eating family noodles. I can only find pasta here.

But I did try something new to satisfy my appetite.

so! my secret starts here…  Since I like Tagliatelle pasta  so much. I decided to write about Tagliatelle pasta!

Firstly, rinse and clean the pasta with water. Then put Tagliatelle pasta into the water Neatly like the picture below.

Yes, Tagliatelle must be put like this  while boiling. Secret ->Tagliatelle is very sensitive, it will stick to each other easily. Once it sticks to each other it is very very difficult to cook them.

Then heat it profusely and stir it .  then put some cooking oil in the frying pan and be readied to prepare the pasta sause.

2nd vege,

Prepare one big Onion then cut it  and make it sprinkle  then pick 2 carrots , cut them  and mix with Onion + fry .

thirdly put tomato sause .

While waiting, I grabbed a bottle of beer and drink. this is another Secret. pour some it into the tomato paste. it will enhance the flavour.

put a lot and a lot i mean alot of pepper .

Here is another secret. I need Coconut milk. but I can’t find any coconut milk. But i manage to find another thing to replace coconut milk and it is similar. It is MAGNUM COCONUT CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! so… take it out , let it melt and stir it .

Then, rinse the Tagliatelle , fry a little bit with the rest , take it out .

Finally wah la!

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