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Micheal Jackson 1958-2009

June 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday morning (June26) when I woke up and walked towards to my computer and opened my email and I saw this..

On top is the conversation mails among friends Carmen, Low Kei, Yi Quan, Joshua

MJ passed away? but which one? That time I was still half asleep… Michael Jordon or Michael Jackson? Both are legends.. while I was still unconscious, I went to CNN and realized  it is Michael Jackson.

Micheal Jackson, the cool man who Moonwalk and does robots on stage. He made people to feel OK to scream and shout “aaaarrrrGGGHHH” in their music.

Many people think he is weird and like to poke fun on him. Additionally medias makes him the freak of the century. But yesterday when the world realized MJ’s presence does not exist anymore, it was a huge wake up call for everyone in the world to remember him.

top selling album in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 20’s. Who can achieve that?

Personally I like most of his music. his eccentric energy that pour out from his music… and his iconic moves and dances.

I would like to have one of his patented 1993 anti gravity shoes…

We always love you MJ

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