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FireMice – Your Thought Portals is moving..

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Howdy guys, –>this was officially the very very first sentenced greeted by FireMice to the Gigantic Internet.

As I stated vividly since beginning (about a year ago),  the purpose for me to pen down my thoughts into blog was to know the Gigantic Internet. I was really an internet rookie back then, had been treating me well to support my writings and help me understand how every soul on earth can construct their Ideas virtually.

I have decided to embark on another level of fun + excitement to post. I will have to separate myself from

I would really appreciate if you can proceed to





I will be there always..

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October 4, 2009 1 comment

I found it amazing when a friend of mine (Qiqi, the one desperate to get married) commented on  a few books and her comments were published in some officials papers. please check this out .

I’m not a big fan of books. If I really read, that pile of papers really mean something.

Many people like to comment about the book they read. My favorite  example for these people are Daniel & Clarence. These are the samples of civilized and intellectual beings, which attracted me to stumble upon whenever I feel like I need some certain degree of inspiration and energy.

People say, what you read in the past made your mind today…

What had I been reading?

I remembered when I was 4 years old, my mum bought a series of sesame street books.

I still remember how Sesame Street conveys their teaching of the day.

Today’s letter A, B, C…. 1 , 2, 3 brought to you by Sesame Street…

Easy and fun, the subjects was instilled into my brain since then.

What else other than Sesame Street?



The long hours of  lecturing during my University days had changed My reading habits dramatically.

I guess it was too much of pretending in front of lecturers that resulted my bad reading habits.



During my younger days, I did give extra-curriculums to my mind. To explore, to be inspired, to be educated..

(I always prevent myself from bad reading habits when the reading material is inspiring)

Clarence Chua has always been helpful in providing insteresting subjects to me.

FHM magazine guru



Above all,

Books strengthen the bond among friends. We used to share books before sleep. So that the information will cheerish our dreams and bring new hope to the next day.

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Journey to the West 西遊記

September 15, 2009 2 comments

Sometime I think my mind doesn’t belong to me at all. I just came back from Paris after meeting a good friend Jackson from UTM. My mind was wandering during the daytime in the office. Yes! It is another unproductive day for me in the office and I don’t know why I keep thinking about Journey to the West 西遊記, one of the greatest Chinese Classical Novels  I read during my childhood.

For some reasons this story reminds me about my presence in The West and my own Journey to the West. Why am I here?

Journey to the West story is about a Chinese Buddhist Monk who set out India to retrieve the Buddhist scripture for China in the 1590s. He was aided and protected by his royal and faithful disciples on his Journey. At the end, they all attained enlightenment.

Am I doing that?

Well, I was told by my boss or maybe it is a little mission from my boss to send me to the West to attain some experience that might help our company new direction. Get pieces of details, trivia about their work in the West.. so that at the end of the day I can crap things to them..

Gosh! Journey to the West is a Big wake-up call for me to be serious and pay more attention to work… so I have to gear myself up and be more competent now.

The mood of drawing suddenly hit me at the end of the day.. I guess I can use some Graffiti again to express myself like what I always like to do..

I decided to draw one of the interesting story in Journey to the West. It is about the punishment given by the great Buddha to Monkey King when he tried to escape from Buddha’s palm . The Buddha trapped the Monkey King under the Wu-Zhi Five Finger mountain for 500 years until someone come and save him!


FireMice under the Five-Finger Mountain:







one finger is hidden.

I felt the pressure all the time…. OUCH!

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April 29, 2009 8 comments

There had been a hiatus in my blog updating. I must say I’d been through a lot of things.

prequel updates:

Sad to say that I’m no longer a Baby-Renewable-Energy-Engineer. There was the time me + my company work together to think of the solution to capture CO2 and produce clean energy to save mama earth. I quit this sacred job and now I’m in an environmental-unfriendly-power plant-building-company. Instead of capturing and reducing CO2, me + my current company are looking for every possible way to erect power plants and releasing millions tons of CO2 and enormous amount of heat to the environmental.YES! it is an evil deed! in fact after transitioning from a renewable company to a traditional power building company, I realized  that currently the number of traditional power plants that are being erected is thousands times more than renewable power plants.


FireMice serving new boss to build EVIL plants

okie… now let’s enter to the real topics! What I encountered in Europe.

I traveled to a few places. I was in Sydney images a month ago. Busy busy busy…. I was informed that I need to travel to Europe, basically Switzerland and France to experience an on-the-job training. I wasn’t excited about this when I heard that.

mainly because:

  1. I don’t have enough time to prepare myself.
  2. The weather was difficult for me.
  3. I am still new to the company and there’s still a lot of procedures (necessaries)  yet to be discovered.
  4. No one speak English in France.

Well in the end…. I managed to squeeze myself and put in all my capacity to prepare myself. I was tired + pressured + unpleasant + reluctant.

Everyone was telling a lot of procedures, must-do, must-not-do, how-to-do-it, way-to-get-there,  blah blah blah…..

Many people encouraged me to enjoy and experience the very best of Europe. I’m trying hard. But deep inside me…………. my 7th Sense (my 6th sense = sense of stupidity) tells me…… I see trouble.

My route to Switzerland:

I’d done many solo trips in my previous company. But this time my 7th Sense made me very very uncomfortable.

On my 1st day, I departed from KLIA to Bangkok at night. wait there at least 4 hours before I made another departing from Bangkok to Zurich. The time different made me kind of dizzy. I don’t know whether I was hungry or sleepy. But in the end I grabed a Burger King. Then I continued my journey to the west……

I put my foot on Zurich at 7.30pm. My 7th Sense keep trigging me again and again..7th-sense.. in my mind.

Besides 7th Sense. My mind is full of instruction + procedures + way-to-get-there…. but my body cannot take the tiredness and worries. My ultimate destination is Baden (my company HQ).

I took a train to Baden…..


7th Sense was right…..

When I finally reach Baden train station. It was kind of tense… when I got out of the train.. I felt myself was lighter.. and my bag pack firemice-bag-packis not with me…………………. ?!

Inside the bag pack there’s Company Laptop laptop, a lot and a lot of CASH cash, My new bought 14.7 Mega pix Canon camera camera, my new bought Richard Branson’s book books , my keys to my luggage keys


I tried many ways to find back my back… but everything seems impossible.. I prayed for a Quantum of  Solace. Squeeze my eyes so so hard until it was going to burst and talk to myself and curse myself for such incidents happen to me…

I entered to the office… and everything seems like hell.

well you all can imagine how I went through when I don’t have money, I don’t have keys to open my luggage.. I basicaly don’t eat and wore back the same thing for another week. my soul was so weak!

Now why can’t I open my luggage even if I don’t have the keys?

My Luggage is built by armour armour. and the key to lock it is so sophisticated.. it requires special magnet to open sesame my luggage pirreer-cardin. These elements is supposed to protect my properties to prevent people to open it. It turned out I am the people. I don’t plan to break it because it was given by my dad before I did my 1st company trip.

angry day 1, then Painful day 2….. hate day 3….. numb day 4….. cry ( tried very hard but couldn’t ) 5….  attempt suicide day 6…. constipation day 7…..

then……. Pipi shows up



FireMice vs PrinCess Pipi

January 18, 2009 8 comments

Today is a very important day for me to post this article FireMice vs PrinCess Pipi.

princess-pipi2 PrinCess Pipi

Why FireMice vs PrinCess Pipi? PrinCess Pipi is number 1 rival in FireMice’s world. She challenges me in the things I like most, the food I like most, sports, thinking, and more and more….

Before this, FireMice lived quietly and peacefully. Not until one day both of us meet each other.


We have total opposite characteristics:

  1. PrinCess Pipi involves heavily in Sports and extremely dynamic, wherelse I involve in Musical thingy which is mild and require not much of physical action.
  2. PrinCess Pipi meets alot of people, but FireMice tends to be quiet and passive.
  3. PrinCess Pipi studied Power Engineering but FireMice did Electronic Engineerings.
  4. PrinCess Pipi speak Hokkien fluently, FireMice merely understand any Hokkien but he knows Cantonese.
  5. PrinCess Pipi does thing swiftly and able to make quick decission, FireMice intends to be slow and always get alot of trouble in making decissions.

FireMice and PrinCess Pipi met in UTM at 2002. At that time, FireMice was shorter than PrinCess Pipi. Now, I’m proud to say that I’m taller than PrinCess Pipi.

PrinCess Pipi’s real names is Pearl.

PrinCess Pipi’s favrite color is Pearl-Pearl (Purple)

PrinCess Pipi’s favorite number is…


5 !!!

and Pipi loves Basketball basketball… so she always pick number 5 for her Jersey

5Nice Number 5 purple Jersey

FireMice and PrinCess Pipi used to participate in some of the events in UTM. We used to work together and had uncomfortable working experiences. But both of us manage to turn bad things to good ones =)

Working together back to Uni…

firemice-vs-princess-pipiChina meets India

Today is the 3rd Anniversary for me and Pearl being together. Although we seldom meet each other. I would like to thank you for all the supports, hearing and sharing from you. Love ya!

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Graffiti 2008

December 29, 2008 5 comments

Now it is the end of year 2008. 2008 is a tough year. I would like to conclude my 2008 by summarizing what I’d encountered in the entire of 2008. A lot of ups and down in my career, job, things around and trivia.

I would like to share with everyone about the things I felt unhappy about 2008.

  1. Recession brings great pain to many people. Although I don’t own a lot of properties and the recession doesn’t affect me much. But it brings an indication to many that our coming 2009 and so on will be a tough one! It won’t be easy for everyone. Including me.
  2. Ridiculous fuel price bring great economic effect on all the things around.
  3. My Job is terrible. The project I involve in my company is put on hold due to financing difficulties. I did nothing significant for more than half a year!
  4. Finding Job: I’d tried to look for other opportunities outside my current company. It is really hard for a baby engineer like me to  look for a competitive position in a Mega-large company.

Well, I am trying to put all that in my grafitti and express my feelings towards them. 2009 will be a challenging year for everyone. I sincerely wish everyone a Merry X’mas and a happy new year. be happy =)


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FireMice’s UTM Bedtime Nightmares!

November 16, 2008 7 comments

I believe everyone has nightmares. I would like to share my particular bedtime nightmares during the period of 2002-2007. I’d insomnia during my University days (2002-2007) in UTM. I can’t sleep because I was distracted? wait wait…. or shall I say I got myself involved in some stupidity? I don’t know.

Now let me share with you about what actually happened during my bedtime….. I would like to share some nightmare event I’d been through…..

Year 2002 -2003

Year 2002-2003 was the 1st time in my life to go far away from home to pursue my study opportunity in UTM. During my very 1st year in University, we were asked to stay inside University Campus. I have no choice at all. I stayed at a University College called ” Kolej Rahman Putra” and we called it KRP. I have to tell you that staying in University College is like ……………

Prisons…yeah it is like Prison.

No doubt University Students are very smart. They dress smartly to school. They are all Nerdies. They talk sophistically. They think differently. They are competitive… But these are all their characteristics only in between the starting and ending of a lecturing class. Basically they are all criminals, hooligans, Babarians when they stay together. We are all civilized people. But when come to these…. we eat each other!

bed fightingNote evidence above, this picture was taken in my room opposite my bed. A day before exams. When sleeping time became Fight Club Sessions.. It is like some sort of Gang Bang. Below is the victim of that session.

gang bang victimsIt is horrific! I wish I was not there. Ifelt sorry at that time because I can’t do a thing. Let me say peace to all the people that involved and let me say grace to those victims because you are far from suffering now, please start a new life and forget about the past. The Past is painful.

Prisoner playing music

Note evidence above is another disgusting event. This photo was taken opposite my bed during my sleeping time. Prisoner inside that photo was playing a Chinese instrument called erhu. You can see that he is playing it differently in front of other prisoner mates. Instead of playing erhu properly, he put that innocent piece of instrument in between his legs, holding the erhu like he is holding part of his organ, he wanted to show his manlihood infront of others. It was disturbing, noisy and of course disgusting.


*** note the name of the prisoner in the above picture is Eugene Lee. Direct translate of Eugene in Chinese is ” Eu 妖 – gene 精”. Malay means syaitan. Eugene is the master of destruction. He is a criminal prodigy and a criminal genius. He is not tall which makes him look like a small little pervert.

He was born in Malacca during the Malacca darkest age. At the age of 7, he had familiarized with all the dark event in the work. His famous idol is Adolf Hitler Eugene Idol. According to him, he started to shave his balls at the age of 3 in order to show his royalty to Hitler. He has a lot of criminal charm. He studied in UTM to pursue a PHD in criminal psychology. He graduated at the year of 2007 and UTM grant him the tittle ” Dr. EVIL“.

I’m proud to live with Eugene Dr. Evil for a period of time. I learn a lot through him. It is really interesting to live with a criminal lord.

2002 happy new year 2003

fighting to get a bottle of champangeThis is another picture showing a bunch of criminals fighting among each other to get a bottle rum a few hours before happy new year 2003. Note Dr. Evil is at the extreme right in the picture. This time the photo was not taken opposite my bed, It is ON MY BED! gosh! how could I sleep. Anyway we were all screaming, fighting to get a bottle of alcohol. Jumping on my bed… it was hilarious.!

FireMice bed bentAfter they jumping and do all the stupid things already. Look at the above photo. My bed was the result of every gang-bang conducted by criminals. My entire bed structure was crooked. You can see Dr.Evil is celebrating in the photo. But that wasn’t the end yet. They continue to……..

My BedThey wanted to further destroy my bed. Not wanting to give me any peacefulness. Picture above is the previous victom. I had no idea why he was so happy that day. Seems like he started to enjoy being tortured.

celebrating my bed

They were continuing glorifying their deeds. See the picture above. Dr. Evil is showing his supremacy reigning master piece.

FireMice bed being moveThank God during that time Dr. Evil was there. He insisted the other criminals to secretly transport my bed to other places. He managed to steal another new bed for me from other room. Picture above shows that Dr. Evil once again is coordinating and monitoring the criminal activity. The entire event was accomplished in a very short period of time, perfect and no one notice about it.

2003 onwards

after 1 year experiencing the college prison life. We were allowed to move out from University to find our own house to stay. We managed to find a house. Life’s goes on. Each of us trying to get our own self inner peace. I thought My bed time nightmares were over. But, Dr. Evil did it again ……………………………………

Dr. Evil did my bed again

Well, I have no regrets to stay with all these criminals. A lot of things I can learn from them, or maybe that’s the only education I can get back then.

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