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Amazingly Set foots again on ALPS!

June 12, 2009 2 comments

2 years ago my colleagues and me had a precious opportunity to ascend Jungfrauh aka Top of Europe.




Now, me and my colleagues were always HOT! ( not Pamela Anderson that kind of HOT!), we came from Malaysia and Singapore. So most of the time we suffer from extreme heat. ALPS is way too coool ( temperature and experience) for us.

My + Ex-colleagues

We didn’t just ascend to Jungfrauh, we stayed one night there at one of the luxurious hotel. Getting drunk at night with the bosses and etc.. I remember the thicket price to go up there was 145CHF.

Needless to say, one of my ex-colleagues is also my ex-coursemates..

Low Kei

Well, at that point of time I wish I could bring the people I love to enjoy this extraordinary view and breathe in the super fresh air on top of ALPS + feel the snow around you..  for me, to bring another person especially Pipi to ALPS is a mission impossible.


Now I have the chance!! I will have to put low kei into history and make my wish come true.

It happened that Pipi was in Switzerland last month. There’s hundreds of thoughts running and goes into all sort of directions in my mind. I was so crazy to bring her up there. Finally, I got the chance to materialize it


This time, I didn’t bring her to Jungfrauh. Instead, we went to Mt. Titlis.

We took a bus from Zurich all the way to Lucerne, it was a 3 hours drive. Pipi was sleeping all the way… until she saw this in front of her eye…

It was at the end of winter, at this part of ALPS it was still full with glacier. Pipi was getting more and more excited when we get nearer to the mountains. As we were going up the mountains, snow is everywhere


Everything was nice, and finally….. we ARrived!

Pipi below Alps

Pipi below Alps

We have to use Titlis Rotair to go up there.

As you can see, Pipi need extra jacket to keep her warm + special boots to make her walk on snow.

We need to use 3 different types of cable car to go up to Mt. Titlis.

The #1 cable car is like the one we used to go Genting (my previous company)

exchange station…

and the final one is rotatable… it just made you dizzy.

finally we set foot on top of ALPS!

everywhere…. here here, there there is snow… scenery is great!

Mountains + snow + chill wind drives Pipi’s adrenalin crazY.


with the snow I tried to make myself a touch phone… like the  touch-phone-one-hand-tips!


But Pipi made a   luv.

I tried to climb up the hill and roll down….

end up OUCH!

and KO ..

Most importantly…you guys must try this!

Switzerland Muesli + famous yogurt + best scene + get your ass stick on ice

also… what i called Ice cave

sadly… there’s always an end…

we decended…


not to forget… our group of the day…

from left ( indian engineer, spain guy, spain woman, cool driver, Dubai business man, ninja business man’s wife, pipi, FireMice)

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