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Journey to the West 西遊記

September 15, 2009 2 comments

Sometime I think my mind doesn’t belong to me at all. I just came back from Paris after meeting a good friend Jackson from UTM. My mind was wandering during the daytime in the office. Yes! It is another unproductive day for me in the office and I don’t know why I keep thinking about Journey to the West 西遊記, one of the greatest Chinese Classical Novels  I read during my childhood.

For some reasons this story reminds me about my presence in The West and my own Journey to the West. Why am I here?

Journey to the West story is about a Chinese Buddhist Monk who set out India to retrieve the Buddhist scripture for China in the 1590s. He was aided and protected by his royal and faithful disciples on his Journey. At the end, they all attained enlightenment.

Am I doing that?

Well, I was told by my boss or maybe it is a little mission from my boss to send me to the West to attain some experience that might help our company new direction. Get pieces of details, trivia about their work in the West.. so that at the end of the day I can crap things to them..

Gosh! Journey to the West is a Big wake-up call for me to be serious and pay more attention to work… so I have to gear myself up and be more competent now.

The mood of drawing suddenly hit me at the end of the day.. I guess I can use some Graffiti again to express myself like what I always like to do..

I decided to draw one of the interesting story in Journey to the West. It is about the punishment given by the great Buddha to Monkey King when he tried to escape from Buddha’s palm . The Buddha trapped the Monkey King under the Wu-Zhi Five Finger mountain for 500 years until someone come and save him!


FireMice under the Five-Finger Mountain:







one finger is hidden.

I felt the pressure all the time…. OUCH!

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Power Girls!

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

UTM 2007 graduates had reached the 2 years working milestone.  It is time for us to stop awhile, have a rest, take a deep breath and observe our old buddies.

Are they ok? are they still wearing the engineer cap? Do they think like an engineer? Do they engineer their life? Continue studies? hmmm…




This post is specially dedicated to Princess Pipi and also to Zeapleonia aka Michelle. While most of our UTM engineers spending time working in comfortable office, overseas traveling, working in Oil sucking company earning tons of $$$$, doing engineering sales. These 2 ladies spend their career time in Jungle.

About 2 months ago, their life in Jungle was featured in Magazine Cover. They were dubbed by the magazine ‘POWER PLANT’S POWER GIRL

This story was blogged by Michelle, and thanks to her, I was granted the permission to publish this story by taking her High quality scanned photos from her blog.


Now the sad sad poor poor side of their working life is this

Imagine no phone, no internet, no Starbucks…..

this is follow by..

They have to provide their more than ordinary hands on skill… which is relatively more hands on than guys

Both of them were separated and assigned to different sides of the jungle..

I got the exact location map from Pipi’s Facebook.

Layun and Tebanyi

Layun and Tebanyi

Again guys, please look at this photo again as I am going to imply something.

You can see Pipi is still sweating and wearing her working uniform. On the other hand, Michelle is wearing some scholar baju hantu Melayu ( a bit irrelevant right?), it is obvious that Michelle is spinning off the engineering orbit, and pursue her additional educational degree like a Meteor flying randomly. Well enough said!

Well done Power Girls!

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