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Journey to the West 西遊記

September 15, 2009 2 comments

Sometime I think my mind doesn’t belong to me at all. I just came back from Paris after meeting a good friend Jackson from UTM. My mind was wandering during the daytime in the office. Yes! It is another unproductive day for me in the office and I don’t know why I keep thinking about Journey to the West 西遊記, one of the greatest Chinese Classical Novels  I read during my childhood.

For some reasons this story reminds me about my presence in The West and my own Journey to the West. Why am I here?

Journey to the West story is about a Chinese Buddhist Monk who set out India to retrieve the Buddhist scripture for China in the 1590s. He was aided and protected by his royal and faithful disciples on his Journey. At the end, they all attained enlightenment.

Am I doing that?

Well, I was told by my boss or maybe it is a little mission from my boss to send me to the West to attain some experience that might help our company new direction. Get pieces of details, trivia about their work in the West.. so that at the end of the day I can crap things to them..

Gosh! Journey to the West is a Big wake-up call for me to be serious and pay more attention to work… so I have to gear myself up and be more competent now.

The mood of drawing suddenly hit me at the end of the day.. I guess I can use some Graffiti again to express myself like what I always like to do..

I decided to draw one of the interesting story in Journey to the West. It is about the punishment given by the great Buddha to Monkey King when he tried to escape from Buddha’s palm . The Buddha trapped the Monkey King under the Wu-Zhi Five Finger mountain for 500 years until someone come and save him!


FireMice under the Five-Finger Mountain:







one finger is hidden.

I felt the pressure all the time…. OUCH!

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Graffiti 2008

December 29, 2008 5 comments

Now it is the end of year 2008. 2008 is a tough year. I would like to conclude my 2008 by summarizing what I’d encountered in the entire of 2008. A lot of ups and down in my career, job, things around and trivia.

I would like to share with everyone about the things I felt unhappy about 2008.

  1. Recession brings great pain to many people. Although I don’t own a lot of properties and the recession doesn’t affect me much. But it brings an indication to many that our coming 2009 and so on will be a tough one! It won’t be easy for everyone. Including me.
  2. Ridiculous fuel price bring great economic effect on all the things around.
  3. My Job is terrible. The project I involve in my company is put on hold due to financing difficulties. I did nothing significant for more than half a year!
  4. Finding Job: I’d tried to look for other opportunities outside my current company. It is really hard for a baby engineer like me to  look for a competitive position in a Mega-large company.

Well, I am trying to put all that in my grafitti and express my feelings towards them. 2009 will be a challenging year for everyone. I sincerely wish everyone a Merry X’mas and a happy new year. be happy =)


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