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May 22, 2009 3 comments

I’d been moving around Europe lately. I would like to show you a typical Lion icon in Europe.

Why European likes Lion? hmm..

lion Zoo_lion GrrRRrrr…. A fierce creature, king of the jungle / king of the zoo, the only animal with sense of fashion (look at its stylish hair lion fashion hair, its SEX symbol is so strong because behind one lion there’s hundreds of lionesses.

to put everything into a nutshell. Lion symbolizes POWER, SEX and STYLE.. a typical european huh? let’s see.


Lucerne is a very beautiful city in the heartland of Switzerland, across the lake from Altdorf.

Now there is a beautiful Lion Monument in Lucerne, it is called Lion of Lucerne.

Lion of LucerneI’m terrified of the lion

This Lion commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. The sculpture of a mortally wounded lion mark the most mornful and moving piece of stone in the world. It was quite sad actually.

Belfort (Northeastern France)

I’m currently working in Belfort. There’s another Lion story here. This time it is Lion of Belfort.



This is a masculine Lion. The Sculptor of this Lion is the sculptor for Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty in New York. That means Lion of Belfort and Statue of Liberty came from the same mama.

This Lion symbolizes the heroic resistance of Belfort during a 103 days long Prussion assult. Belfort was protected from 40,000 Prussions by merely 17,000 men.

Lion of Sunway Pyramid

Now, I don’t have all the opportunity to see all the Lions of Europe. Well…

I miss home so much. So I was curious about the Lion near my house.

Lion of Sunway PyramidLion of Sunway Pyramid

I wonder what does this symbolize as ? hmm… as you know Sunway was transformed from an abandon tin mine to an attractive location in Klang Valley.

I personally think the Lion has something to do with the Tin mine history in Klang Valley.

I remember during my form 2 in High School. my teacher used to tell me that. There was a great war between 2 entities to conqure important Tin Mine in Klang valley.

The event in Malay is called “ Perebutan Lombongan biji timah antara kongsi Gelap Ghee Hin dan kongsi Gelap Hai San”  which means Tin mine war between gangster Ghee Hin (contonese) vs ganster Hai San (Hakka).

I still remember Hai San gang was lead by the great YAP AH LOY yap ah loy! the important person who developed KL and Klang Valley. Yap Ah Loy won the war and open many more tin mines in Klang Valley. Hurrah!

and later people commemorated the victory by putting LION of Sunway Pyramid. hence now we have all the hospital, shopping mall, Sunway College, Industrial area….

Many thanks to Yap Ah Loy and his gangster HAI SAN!

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