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International Man of Mystery

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

What is  “International Man of Mystery“? Can this title weight on par together with “The Sexiest Man Alive”, “The Most seducing Woman alive”,  “The Richest Man in the world”, “The Most Influential Person of the Century” and etc..

I’m 25 years old and I was half educated from various movies. Where did the title “International Man of Mystery” come from? It is from..

Austin Powers, a fictional character which is a parody of the famous James BondJames Bond 007, but in a more flamboyant style.

How Austin Powers was dubbed “International Man of Mystery” by the people  ?

It was during 1958, in British Intelligence Academy. Austin Power was 19 years old at that time

that morning he was “shagging” with a beautiful girl.

Only the most famous person in the academy can be the International Man of Mystery. Initially, the young Dr.Evil was nominated..

The young Dr. Evil was so evil, he was arrogant, people couldn’t  stand his laughter hahaha most of the time. People threw cake to him during that day ,  renominated Austin Powers as International Man of Mystery!

After since, he became magnificent!

cut the crap!

That ceremony taught me a very important lesson. Austin Power doesn’t need to be extremely intelligent (Dr. Evil was the #1 academy achiever),  He doesn’t need the smashing handsome look to become the sexiest man alive..

James Bond used his well proportionate body to seduce ladies to bed .


But Austin used his WILDiness +  seductive body and charm enemy in a more effective way. Sometimes he manage to convince me that he is sexier than 007.  His jokes are lame but it makes people LoL.  He taught all the little boys out there (including me) to become the MAN they want to be and most importantly be PROUD of oneself.

IMPORTANT dogma by people who knows Austin power —>”  Girls want to be with Him and Man want to be Him !


Austin inspired me to look for more “Man of Mystery” out there. I decided to open a new category in FireMice, for me to write and story telling the crazy + influence people out there.

Remember! You can be one of the INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY!


Coming Soon: Quantum of Solace

October 27, 2008 3 comments

Babies Boomers enjoy watching Bond because of the series of events happened back then during the cold war’s period and spying between US and Russia. Being born in the 80’s gave you no choice but to accept James Bond is a must-see movie for everyone. My dad, who doesn’t watch movies, only brought me to cinema to see Bond. To be frank, I find the chronicles of Bond were hilarious and I didn’t enjoy even one bit. Not until Casino Royale (2006).

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming was the creator of James Bond 007. He was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander. That’s why he got the entire idea of what should Bond’s chronicles be and he wrote 12 James Bond novels. I would say Ian Fleming was the main architect of Bond’s World.

Sean Connery

Now, since Ian Fleming was the creator of James Bond. Who perfected Bond? Sean Connery is the FATHER of all the James Bonds; role model of what should the next James Bond looks like or acts. Every single James Bonds had been compared with him relatively.

Personally, I think Sean Connery put a great amount of charm into 007. His voice and the way he presented his commanding conversation inspired many.

Everyone knows this phrase by Sean Connery “My name is Bond….. James Bond…”

Slow enough to show his mysterious and powerful enough to provoke all his enemies.

And that’s why he earned the phrase

”Guys want to be HIM! and girls want to be with HIM!”

Daniel Craig earned his “license to kill” and adopted the new “007”

When Pierce Brosnan approaching 50th birthday, Bond franchise decided to replace Brosnan with younger actor. There was a lot of rumors and dispute in Bond franchise on the matters of deciding who will become the latest successor.

In the end Daniel Craig became the latest 007 since the franchise wanted a British to become the latest British super spy. At that point of time, a lot of disagrees and argument about him to become the latest 007.

Look at him when he 1st to be decided to become the 6th 007. He is not handsome, not sexy, not masculine, not fun, not charming, not famous, he’s blond etc…… no wonder there’s so much disappointment from others! (I’m one of those who disagree and I voted him out in the internet during that time. Anyway I voted Hugh Jackman to become the latest 007). What I knew was Craig was a good actor and that’s it.

Casino Royale 2006, revolutionized 007

The year 2006 put an Exclamation mark! In James Bond’s franchise history. Casino Royale the 1st Novel created by Fleming was put into movie.

This time Daniel Craig put a WOW in everyone’s expression when Casino Royale was made. He grows and there’s this wonderful aura coming out from him. A lot of physical training had been done by him and a more sophisticated new look.

Previous Bond emphasized a lot things which people like most are:

1. Bond is always SEXY and he shines among a bunch of people

2. Gadgets with sophisticated look but didn’t really put into good use.

3. Bond is a Hell of a fighter. He can do one-punch KO to everyone.

4. He got many sexyyy Bond girls. A lot and a hell of a lot of love making here and there.

5. Bond always win and he is always a superHERO and he works alone

Casino Royale threw all these elements away and adopted new ones. Which I think it revolutionized the entire Bond’s chronicles and fresh! The storyline is more dynamic, Bond is more human than before the action is real, no funkier gadgets, darker storyline, new tailored attire and the most importantly is Casino Royale developed more on Band’s behavior and inner conflict.

Everything is new for Bond, I must say that this show is some sort of DIY-British Superspy. I made some pictures from the movie and I hope you understand what I meant. A bit of comic work….

  1. He was a rookie at the beginning, he learned and he worked hard to confirm his 007 status
  2. He is rugged than his predecessors, quicker in his fight scene and of course dirtier
  3. Of course Casino Royale has a lot of gambling scene. It is very detail and interesting. They entire Casino flow was superb
  4. He was humiliated and tortured

James Bond side effect

I want to share with you all about what I think about James Bond’s side effect in the entire movie industry though out the years. It had inspired many other productions. Such as




Stephen Chow’s China made 007

Now, let us be prepared for the long awaited Quantum of Solace.

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