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Belfort Music Fest 2009

June 1, 2009 2 comments

I’m staying at a small town in France call Belfort.

quiet belfort

It is a dead town. During weekends, everyone tries to escape Belfort. You will hardly find any surviving souls during weekends.

something happened in this particular long weekend 29, 30, 31 Mei and 1st June.

a pathetic quiet town is BLAST! by,

FIMU 2009FIMU 2009

FIMU 2009 ” Festival International de Musique Universitaire” is a French International musical festival. Musicians all around Europe came to Belfort and perform. I am glad that finally I can kill some time in this looooong weekend. the good thing about this event is, it is going to be held for 3 days 3 nights.

at first, I thought no one else will care about this. But I felt strange about this Saturday. The sky seems brighter than usual and I felt extremely relax walking in the town. The town was so warm. I did notice there are more people in town compared to previous weeks.

Belfort Musical 005

I was surprised to see booths were set everywhere, stage at every corner of the city.

Belfort Musical 008I first came across the traditional classic groups, it was not bad. I never seen anything like that. haha..

Belfort Musical 010

and there was a concert in one of the garden, people came from other towns and countries.

I personally like this group of young people. they are so casual, simple, great combination of instruments, unique, and fun.

this tells something about how my people (including me) play music back in Asia. Kids + youngsters play music is like one of their studying subject. if not, we do it for getting prestigious exam grades, gain recognitions in music competition and performance.

The whole idea of these people doing up there is not about being perfect in front of others. it is about interaction with the audiences. Music should be lively, not a planed subject.

and i came across these people… they dressed like Mafia in funeral function, formal uniforms, all guys, flags…they are form Portugal

mafia music

mafia music

but…. they do nuts..

These portugal’s Marfia, jumping around, kissing each other, shaking their ass… fun + crazy + entertaining… that demonstrates another thing what we Asian won’t expect to.

There’s a big stage right below Belfort casttle and Lion monument:

river bank…

music at river bank

music at river bank

more inside Stadiums and Church….

Food is everywhere… you can simply grab a snack and beer . sit everywhere and enjoy.

I saw this cool kid,

with big ear phones + exposed butt..

at night i encountered these beautiful jazz…

these goes on and on for 3 days 3 nights from noon till midnight…

I’m regret i didn’t make myself to enter the long Q to church to listen to the classical music. haha… overall it is superb!

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Everyone Can Draw

October 16, 2008 4 comments

MC: He’s Arrogant! but at the same time he’s loving and kind hearted

 MC: He’s Humble! but at the same time he gains Respects from millions!


MC: He orchestrates GOD’S FIRE and play it superbly! He uses it to create the world most significant delicacies!






MC: Is he an ANGEL sent from Heaven?





MC: Or is he a MESSENGER sent from HELL?





 MC: No people knows about it.


MC: But one thing is Certain! Everyone gives him a TITTLE!



 MC: He is……………………………………..
































Who made the above comic?


The comic was made 5 years ago to promote a gathering for a group of Music people. I still find this extremely interesting. The characters in the comic are all my friends. MC’s name is Pei Liang (he plays double base). God of Cook is Zhi Liang (he plays ). The idea of this comic was depicted from stephen chow’s movie which is The Good of Cookery 食神.


a little bit of detective work here…..  


Well, The most important person behind all these is a very special creature named Mun Ping. He directed the entire comic flow and drew all the comic details. I must say he is a hell of EVERYTHING!  During secondary school days, he involved himself in Chinese Martial arts. You know the Chinese kung fu praying mantis???? Yup! Yup! he is pretty dangerous in that!  On top of that! He played Chinese flutes and wood winds in Oriental Music Orchestra. He participated in numerous music concertos and music competitions. Later he studied in UTM as a Mechanical engineer. He developed drawings as his part-time hobby. He won national comic drawing competition few yerars ago.  Now ,he is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer. He is Such a talented guy and ambitious! But how come we know each other? Because deep inside him, he is as retarted as me!






For those who want to visit Mun Ping art works, please go to PING






I have some of his latest masterpiece. Guys and girls please find scrow down your mouse and enjoyz….



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