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Pac-Man in ROME with Smart Car

January 11, 2010 4 comments

Happy New Year to all readers! I first played Pac-Man when I was still in Kinder Garden. I remember I used to play it in a Floppy Disc and the computer which supported the game was the predecessor even before 386, first Intel Pentium 1. Anyway, It was my 1st experience that allowed me to explore my gaming leisure in digital computer.  I experienced Pac-Man in another level of fun during my New Year Holidays.

What was it?


2 nights before the end of 2009, me and Princess Pipi were traveling in one of the most celebrated street in Rome called Spagna.

The city was decorated with Christmas stuffs and people were preparing to welcome 2010.

We bumped into a Mercedesshow room and saw this sparkling smart car

As we were going to take the picture together with the smart car, a sales guy came to us and say

Do you want to play Pac Man and win a SMART CAR?

Winning a SMART CAR is really tempting!

But I am not a go-go guy,  and initiative enough in participate in all these competition. although I used to participate in some stupid game with Yee Chong before:

But Pipi was so excited.

Pac Man in SMART CAR? Strange….

Generally, this game has to be played by 2 people as a team to compete with other teams from Rome.

One participant has to drive a smart car in Rome street to get 20,000 points at least to get a smart car

while the other participants need to direct the driver in the Mercedes show room by contacting the driver via handphone and a GPS screen to search for the smart car location

Our team was named… FIREMICE ,

the Italian pronounced it as  “FI-RAI-MICE”

GPS screen that locates FireMice in the screen

Pipi was the navigator, she played an important role to direct the smart car, to get as much point as possible, most important of all she had to talk to me in the phone (very very difficult)..

FireMice was the retarded-SMART car driver..


So we started! Pipi was shouting non stop

Go GO go! why you not moving yet!!!!

I was like… ok ok ok

It is not easy to drive in Rome since I am a Malaysian (the other participants from Rome), and I have no-sense-of-direction… the driver seat was located at the left side of the car… all the direction was against what I used to drive with… and I AM  RACING IN A COMPETITION!


WOI!!!! Turn right ok!! TURN– TURN !



Drove to a few interesting place that promoted Smart Car to get extra points =)


Drive Faster!


Faster…. We are near to 20,000 points already

FireMice Pac man

At last, we got back more than 30,000 points



our rank was 2nd among 8 people….

We are proud because we beat most of the others Romans!

but we were disappointed to find out we can only get a mini Smart car



Little did we find out… Smart car actually was promoting their electric car… a Energy Friendly car



We got a mini smart CAR!



April 29, 2009 8 comments

There had been a hiatus in my blog updating. I must say I’d been through a lot of things.

prequel updates:

Sad to say that I’m no longer a Baby-Renewable-Energy-Engineer. There was the time me + my company work together to think of the solution to capture CO2 and produce clean energy to save mama earth. I quit this sacred job and now I’m in an environmental-unfriendly-power plant-building-company. Instead of capturing and reducing CO2, me + my current company are looking for every possible way to erect power plants and releasing millions tons of CO2 and enormous amount of heat to the environmental.YES! it is an evil deed! in fact after transitioning from a renewable company to a traditional power building company, I realized  that currently the number of traditional power plants that are being erected is thousands times more than renewable power plants.


FireMice serving new boss to build EVIL plants

okie… now let’s enter to the real topics! What I encountered in Europe.

I traveled to a few places. I was in Sydney images a month ago. Busy busy busy…. I was informed that I need to travel to Europe, basically Switzerland and France to experience an on-the-job training. I wasn’t excited about this when I heard that.

mainly because:

  1. I don’t have enough time to prepare myself.
  2. The weather was difficult for me.
  3. I am still new to the company and there’s still a lot of procedures (necessaries)  yet to be discovered.
  4. No one speak English in France.

Well in the end…. I managed to squeeze myself and put in all my capacity to prepare myself. I was tired + pressured + unpleasant + reluctant.

Everyone was telling a lot of procedures, must-do, must-not-do, how-to-do-it, way-to-get-there,  blah blah blah…..

Many people encouraged me to enjoy and experience the very best of Europe. I’m trying hard. But deep inside me…………. my 7th Sense (my 6th sense = sense of stupidity) tells me…… I see trouble.

My route to Switzerland:

I’d done many solo trips in my previous company. But this time my 7th Sense made me very very uncomfortable.

On my 1st day, I departed from KLIA to Bangkok at night. wait there at least 4 hours before I made another departing from Bangkok to Zurich. The time different made me kind of dizzy. I don’t know whether I was hungry or sleepy. But in the end I grabed a Burger King. Then I continued my journey to the west……

I put my foot on Zurich at 7.30pm. My 7th Sense keep trigging me again and again..7th-sense.. in my mind.

Besides 7th Sense. My mind is full of instruction + procedures + way-to-get-there…. but my body cannot take the tiredness and worries. My ultimate destination is Baden (my company HQ).

I took a train to Baden…..


7th Sense was right…..

When I finally reach Baden train station. It was kind of tense… when I got out of the train.. I felt myself was lighter.. and my bag pack firemice-bag-packis not with me…………………. ?!

Inside the bag pack there’s Company Laptop laptop, a lot and a lot of CASH cash, My new bought 14.7 Mega pix Canon camera camera, my new bought Richard Branson’s book books , my keys to my luggage keys


I tried many ways to find back my back… but everything seems impossible.. I prayed for a Quantum of  Solace. Squeeze my eyes so so hard until it was going to burst and talk to myself and curse myself for such incidents happen to me…

I entered to the office… and everything seems like hell.

well you all can imagine how I went through when I don’t have money, I don’t have keys to open my luggage.. I basicaly don’t eat and wore back the same thing for another week. my soul was so weak!

Now why can’t I open my luggage even if I don’t have the keys?

My Luggage is built by armour armour. and the key to lock it is so sophisticated.. it requires special magnet to open sesame my luggage pirreer-cardin. These elements is supposed to protect my properties to prevent people to open it. It turned out I am the people. I don’t plan to break it because it was given by my dad before I did my 1st company trip.

angry day 1, then Painful day 2….. hate day 3….. numb day 4….. cry ( tried very hard but couldn’t ) 5….  attempt suicide day 6…. constipation day 7…..

then……. Pipi shows up



Solar Fashions

December 5, 2008 4 comments

It is time for me to write MORE about my work. I have a lot of bad times in my job. But sometime I get to attach myself to some interesting substance. This time, I would like to combine my work researches with some FASHION material. How to combine? This is all Application science.

Diagram below details about how different varieties of renewable sources can be integrated  together to become an independent power system.


I’m still a baby renewable engineer, I’d just completed some researches on several types of Solar Panels. Namely Thin-film silicon solar, Amorphous Thin-film silicon solar, Mono-Crystalline solar and Poly-Crystalline. ArgggHH ! sounds boring.. let’s get into the fun part! SOLAR FASHION!

Now let’s start with the Solar Fashion Parade!

288319326_ff99fe53c5I would like to start something mild. Well, these 2 ladies don’t really look fashionable. I doubt that those are solar also. But I would like to publish it to bring credit out from their commitment. Yeh Baby!Behave~~

solar-dressNow this one look relevant, glamorous and sexy. Note the black spots are the solar cells. It is quite small. solar cells are made from Crystalized Silicon. It look nice in fashion because it looks like crystal.

huchaThis one look fashionable. Got Style. Solar Crystals can be found everywhere.

zegna_07_solarkragen-smallNow it is men fashion. Picture above shows a simple solar patch found in the collar.

indarra-dtx-solar-jacket1This look simple. You won’t go out with this. It makes you look like a robot and you got powered by that solar panel.

solar_vestThis one look cool. It looks like the terminator robot from the future. This picture shows the solar vest can power the phone, camera and etc…

bogner_2sqBogner Winterspiele

This one look funky. You will look like aliens.


other than clothings, Solar do come in the form of other miscenalleous.


Yes! Power Purse! hahaha



Imagine you can charge your accessories while you travel.


You can charge you phone everywhere under the sun.

Solar also bring Excitement in Fashion industry. It make ladies to take off their clothes to get powered also.. Technology is so interesting.. let’s go green girls!!





YES YES!! it is solar BRAs, Solar Bikini, Solar Swimsuits… wooHoo! I wonder when will my boss allow me to execute this projects.

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Feed your car with JATROPHA

October 25, 2008 7 comments

Have you ever thought that whenever you start your car, you are actually hurting our Mother Nature?  Petrol is meant to be buried deep inside earth. Since the very first day we started to dig petrol out from earth, we generated a vast amount of excess energy in heat form and also Trillions tons of CO2 to our atmosphere. In the end, global warming becomes more severe than ever. Earth temperature increases, Ozone layer becomes thinner, less ice in North Pole and South Pole…..

We GOT to do something!

Have you ever thought what kinds of things that can possibly replace petrol? My friend YeeChong once told me something that actually struck me when the other friend asked YeeChong to fetch him somewhere else. YeeChong rejected the request harshly by saying this……………..

Friend: YeeChong can you please fetch me to see my girlfriend at KTC College?


Friend: Why?

YeeChong: You think Petrol is cheap?!?! You think I can just PEE into my car? And my car will move by feeding it with my URINE?

This is like Jim Carrey pee into a car in Me, Myself & Irene

That conversation struck me that day. It had an impact to me. As a baby engineer back then, I was so ambitious. I would like to participate in such breakthrough creations. I wish I can create an engine that is eligible to be powered by abundant resources like PEE PEE! When I hit my last year of my University, writing a thesis about the URINAL engine and do research about it was some of the proposals I wished to propose to my lecturer. Well, It didn’t happen..  But the idea was crystallized in me.

I’m proud to say that I’m a Renewable Project Engineer now.  My responsibility is to research additional green energy to save mama Earth. Me, Lowkei and Alex Kuek used to have the opportunity to execute research on a type of crop called Jatropha.

Jatropha curcus is a poisonous plant belonging to the spurge family. It is not eatable due to its high toxicity. But the good thing about Jatropha Curcus is that we can actually purge the seeds and get biodiesels. Amazing? Well, if you want to know more about Jatropha please ask Alex Kuek.

Alex Kuek was on the news the other day promoting Jatropha crop. It was published in The Star newspaper. He was explaining Jatropha crops to Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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